About: Bio & Projects


Jacques Malchance is a Composer, Dj, Musician, Producer, Promoter and Radio Host from Rome, Italy, based in Liverpool, Uk. 

A very active musician and DJ at the forefront of the Liverpool underground scene, his own musical output is impossible to pin down. He is a founding member of bands Barberos and Hapytap (R.I.P.), as well as net-label and events collective Upitup Records and arts collective Distant Future.

His works span across electronic music, classical and contemporary experimental music; specialising in piano, organ and synthesizer instrumentation. From techno tap-dance raves to piano recitals and “organ disco” parties, his performances have mesmerized and impressed audiences around the world. He has toured extensively across Europe, Russia, Scandinavia and the Balkans. He was also the first artist to press a 12” record on Upitup Records (Union Jacques – Dub Pets).

He has performed piano recitals of the works of Erik Satie, Claude Debussy and Modest Mussorgsky’s “Pictures At An Exhibition” in its entirety; has supported the likes of Broadcast, James Taylor Quartet, Manu Delago, Luke Vibert, Mark Pritchard (and many more); and has composed commissioned work for The Kazimier, Liverpool City Council, Walk The Plank, Light Night, Bido Lito!, Feasts of Fantasia, Valentino Zeichen, Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, Mothstice and Laura Brownhill.

Most recent work

LABYRINTHE: An interactive hyper immersive AV maze

MOTH HER: a brand new A/V piece premiered online on 21st of June for Mothstice (curated by Vice Moth). Inspired by the life cycle of a Moth. Music & Video by Jacques Malchance

Organ Works: “Variations for Electone HS-6” Live streaming from home of my midival disco prog sonata composed entirely on and for a specific organ. Music & Video by Jacques Malchance

Chemtrail Party Mix: EUROVISION 2020A Song For Lockdown

Piano Forte at The Capstone Theatre: a celebration of the piano as a solo instrument, featuring five Liverpool based pianists and composers performing all original material composed exclusively for this event. 

BangFace Weekender 2019: I co-ordinated and organized a stage featuring all merseyside artists (Messyside Takeover), my performance was a Hardcore Rave Techno set on a bespoke Keytar.

A Valentino Zeichen (1938 – 2016): A sound art piece of Music & Poetry, with recordings of the late italian poet Valentino Zeichen reciting his own poems. Poetry by Valentino Zeichen and Music by Jacques Malchance.

SynthWorks: A relaxing and hypnotic ambient composition performed entirely live on synthesizers. Recently performed in Rome at Klang; in Sefton Park at “Bido Lito! presents Wax & Gears” on a stage powered by pedal bikes; at the “Walk The Plank present Feasts of Fire” event, celebrating 10 years since Liverpool Capital of Culture in St John’s Gardens.


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