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Dj Jacques  / Union Jacques / DJakomo are all DJ alias’ of Jacques Malchance, founding member of Upitup Records, Barberos and Hapytap (r.i.p). An active musician and composer himself, Jacques has also curated and promoted a long line of groundbreaking live music events in Liverpool since his arrival in 2005, and has been dj’ing professionally since 2011.

His vinyl-only Dj sets have gained him a reputation for their unique and truly eclectic feel – covering many different genres and styles, stuffed with rarities and oddities from around the world. A common quote from his appreciative audiences has become “I love this tune, what is it?! I can’t even shazzam it!”, and that’s how it should be!

His sets are unpredictable but always dependably brilliant, creating a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere. Primarily specialising in electronic music, his record collection has fast grown to incorporate a vast array of styles and sounds, leading to his infamous themed Dj sets and different monikers.

He is a busy Dj with various residencies across Liverpool, including at the legendary Kazimier Garden (since it opened) and The Shipping Forecast, and past ones include weekly sets at Ex-Directory and Camp & Furnace; as well as many support slots and appearing at various festivals and exhibitions.

DJ Highlights include:

  • Headline slot at FabriKation in Melbourne, AU
  • Headline slot at Kaiju in Rome, IT
  • Headline slot at Hishek Bishek, Electroworkz, London, UK
  • All Night Long at Matt & Phreds (Manchester), UK
  • Omar Souleyman at 24 Kitchen Street (support)
  • The Liverpool Craft Beer Expo (2014/2015/2016/2017/2018/2019)
  • Acid Arab at 24 Kitchen Street (support)
  • Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia at Camp & Furnace
  • Liverpool Arab Arts Festival at Constellations and Palm House (2018/2019)
  • ARKADE at Invisible Wind Factory
  • Helena Hauff at 24 Kitchen Street (support)
  • Daedelus’ A/V show “Archimedes”  at The Kazimier (support)
  • Perc & Truss at 24 Kitchen Street (support)
  • LONE A/V show feat.  Konx-om-Pax at The Kazimier (support)
  • Blawan at 24 Kitchen Street (support)
  • SCIENCE FICTION: NEW DEATH exhibition launch at FACT
  • Jimmy Edgar at 24 Kitchen Street (support)

For any bookings/enquiries contact: jacques.upitup [at]


Bido Lito! Mixtape Series

30mins Disco Mix

Upmix 24: Live At Kaiju #8 (Closing Dj Set)

Upmix 23: Live At Kaiju #8 (Opening Dj Set)

Upmix 02: Disasters on Wax

UpItUp 10th Birthday Mix

Getintothis Mix

Transmission / Future Music show


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